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Advancing Youths
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Who Are We

Our non-profit organization is committed to cultivating the power of youth voices and advancing the rights of young people in our communities. Advancing Youth Voice Initiative is a program that helps young people have a say in the world. They work on projects and initiatives to help make sure that all young people have the same opportunities. We believe youth should be empowered to shape their futures and lead positive change in their communities.

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100% of your donations will go towards the Advancing Youth Voice projects and initiatives, helping give young people a voice in their communities and creating opportunities for them to make positive changes.


We build a world where young people believe in themselves, thrive, and fulfill their potential.

Leadership is eliciting extraordinary performance from ordinary people regardless of age or gender.

Our approach to advancing the rights of young people and cultivating the power of youth voices is centered on a core set of values. We strive to create an inclusive environment, foster collaboration, amplify diverse perspectives, and remain open-minded.

Why Young People Should Lead

Most Millennials are not interested in nation-building. They are busy pursuing education and other self-interests.

Meanwhile, they are the most creative, technology-savvy, and largest generation in history today.

Advancing Youth Voice is a non-profit organization that engages, inspires, and empowers young people to take an interest in their community and serve their nation.

We believe that if the youth are not interested in the country's future, it will be left to those who don't care about it.

We believe that the world needs more young leaders focused on nation-building, not self-interest.

It is not enough for kids just to be told to care about their communities--they need practical skills, opportunities, and inspiration too!

We work with educational institutions, communities, and public service across the country by providing workshops, transformational content, training, and digital platforms like our website or social media accounts to inspire youth leadership. 

Our goal is to build a generation of future change-makers who will make the world a better place for us all.

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Our Story

Having gone through a significant health challenge, life became precious. Hence the birth of AYVI, a youth-led non-profit.


AYVI was born to advance the voices of young adults to become the change. We empower young people through digital engagement and training to participate in leadership and public service.


Our programes include Online training, fostering alliances, social media engagement, content generation, seminars, email marketing

Our Mission
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Our Mission

To empower young people through grass-root organization, digital engagement, education, and training on meaningful participation in leadership, community service, and nation-building.

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Our Vision

To use our unlimited passion for digital technology in building young people for leadership in the 21st century.

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What the founder has to say

We Need Your Support Today!

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