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As young people grow up, they become more and more involved in public life.

They're taking on leadership roles at school, getting into politics to make their communities better places for themselves and others like them.

Yet, there is still an ongoing debate about whether society should hear youth.

But what's so wrong with giving youth power?

Why does it matter how old someone is if they have something of value to say?

Many young people want to prove that they don't need years of experience to speak out on important issues!

Here are five ways that adults can help the next generation be heard in public life:

· Create an online program for youth to voice their opinions

· Provide training for young people interested in public office positions

· Provide opportunities for children to be heard by government officials and policymakers

· Make sure there is a clear path from being a volunteer or intern up to becoming an elected official

· Offer opportunities for leadership development through camps, conferences, workshops, and other programs

· Provide mentorship and guidance for youth leaders on how to run their campaigns

· Encourage young people to vote by making it more accessible through the internet or social media

· Create a hotline, email address, or text message where people can submit their concerns anonymously

· Increase communication between elected officials and the community through social media

· Involve parents in a discussion about how best to provide for their children’s needs while still promoting growth potentials within society as a whole

Young people can be a powerful force for change in our communities, but they need support.

It’s our responsibility to provide them with the tools and resources needed to take on leadership roles that will benefit their neighborhoods.

If you are interested in supporting young leaders or getting involved yourself, let us know!

We have developed programs that teach youth about public service careers, help them learn how to run campaigns of their own, connect elected officials with community members through social media platforms like Facebook Live and Twitter chats (#PASelfie), train youth aspiring politicians on relevant policy issues before they graduate high school or college, and offer mentorship opportunities throughout these stages.

We offer some free programs because everyone deserves an opportunity to impact society positively.

Let's work together as a group to make sure we're making good decisions about what happens next!


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