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Volunteering is a great way to give back and make a difference in your community. From writing content in social media for youth organization or fundraising, there are many opportunities to find the right fit for you Nowadays, it's easier than ever to volunteer online with just an hour of donating time each week! Check out these 5 easy steps on how to become a volunteer:


To help you decide which non-profit organization would best suit your needs, we've put together a list of things that one should take into consideration. Research the different organizations and see what services they provide. Check out their website for more information on pricing policies. How much time/money it takes before volunteering becomes too demanding or difficult. Visit an office space in person so that all costs can be seen clearly! Remember: there's often no perfect fit but with some research any volunteer opportunity is sure worth exploring

FIND ONE THAT MATCHES WHAT YOUR INTERESTS You can find a list of non-profits in your area by researching online. You might want to call them and ask about volunteer opportunities, but first make an introduction for yourself as well! Call or email their customer service staff member with questions about how you could get involved volunteering there specifically. If they offer any special training programs like workshops on specific topics, then take advantage because those will help during times when disasters happen without warning too - such be it natural disaster or manmade crisis (COVID 19). After doing some research over the internet we found that one way people have following last year's pandemic was through food banks for those who lost their jobs.

COMPLETE ALL THE NECESSARY PAPERWORK If you are interested in volunteering with any organization, please download and fill out the application form. Review their needs list to find if there is anything that will help ease their workload or fill any gaps they may have on staff. Then contact a supervisor for more information about how best can assist them! Learn all about an organizations’ mission statement (including why it's important), goals/objectives as well as values before writing an essay telling us what makes being part of such a group attractive Once completed the form, submit resume alongside cover letter requesting to be considered as a volunteer in alignment with the goals of the non-profit.

It only takes 5 hours per week and can lead with as little as $5 monthly donation. You may not know exactly where your passion lies yet, but this will help you in broadening your horizon. As a non-profit, we can provide you with various opportunities for service. Whether it is one hour or eight hours per week, we will find an opportunity that matches your availability and interests. Contact us today by emailing our volunteer coordinator at


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