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Maiden Edition of Quarterly Consultative Meeting with Civil Society Organizations: INEC Lagos State

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) of Lagos State marked a significant milestone with its maiden Quarterly Consultative Meeting with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) on 27th March 2024. Professor Ayobami Salami, the Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC), delivered a captivating welcome address acknowledging the pivotal role of CSOs in grassroots mobilization and electoral sensitization.


Prof. Salami highlighted the importance of stakeholder engagement in enhancing election quality and emphasized the need for collaborative efforts to bolster public confidence in the electoral process. The event aimed to lay the groundwork for ongoing dialogue and cooperation with CSOs to drive positive change in future elections.

Fig 1.0 The Resident Electoral Commissioner, Prof Ayobami Salami, delivering the welcome speech

Despite the brevity of this inaugural meeting, Prof. Salami's message resonated with hope for increased civic awareness and participation. As the REC set the stage for continued interactions, attendees left, anticipating the fruitful collaborations.

The event concluded with gratitude to the attentive audience, reflecting a commitment to transparency and partnership in shaping the future of electoral governance in Lagos State.

Fig 2.0 A cross-section of INEC officials with Civil Society Organizations, third from left is the Founder of Advancing Youth Voice Initiative, Carolyn Wokoh

The Quarterly Consultative Meeting with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in Lagos State holds significant implications for the Advancing Youth Voice Initiative (AYVI). As a platform dedicated to empowering young people through digital engagement and training for leadership roles, the insights and collaborations stemming from such meetings can greatly benefit AYVI's mission.


By actively engaging with CSOs involved in grassroots mobilization and electoral processes, AYVI can forge partnerships to amplify its reach and impact. The dialogue fostered at these consultations can provide valuable knowledge and networks to enhance AYVI's training programs, enabling young leaders to participate more effectively in community service and nation-building efforts.

Fig 3.0 The Founder, AYVI Carolyn Wokoh, responding to the welcome address of the Resident Electoral Commissioner

Moreover, the emphasis on stakeholder engagement and transparency demonstrated at the INEC meeting aligns with AYVI's core values of promoting democratic participation among youth. By staying informed about election processes and fostering relationships with key stakeholders, AYVI can further its goal of nurturing a generation of informed and engaged leaders who actively contribute to shaping their communities and nation.


In essence, the outcomes of the consultative meeting catalyze AYVI to strengthen its programs, broaden its impact, and empower even more young people to become active participants in leadership, community service, and nation-building endeavors. This synergy between the INEC meeting and AYVI's mission reinforces the importance of collaboration and continuous engagement in driving positive change through youth empowerment and digital advocacy.


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