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The Power of Mastermind groups in Mentorship

'If we are in tune with the Master, we have significantly more positive energy available.'

-Napoleon Hill

Generation Z, it is time to take your future into your hands.

But unfortunately, youths are taken advantage of by those who are older and more experienced.

Bullying, drug abuse, and cultism are evident among youths today.

Joining and creating a Mastermind group can help you remain focused and on track. With the proper guidance and support, our youths will achieve their potential.

AYVI Volunteer Director addressing young people at Lagos Youth Mentorship program 2022

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Mastermind means the mind of the Master.

It is God or whatever term you wish to use. It is the power that comes from above and us. Together we achieve more.


  • Choose people that are already where you aspire to be

  • The ideal size is 5 to 6 people

  • Weekly meetings for an hour


  • Invocation or prayer for spiritual guidance

  • Shares what good Wins and successes

  • Negotiate for time

  • The focus person uses the group too; set goals, and brainstorm. find solutions and ask for support

  • Make a commitment to new action steps

  • End with an appreciation of the other members

  • Be accountable to your commitments

AYVI Founder addressing a cross section of senior grade on the power of mastermind groups

Commit with action, then follow up with calls after the meeting.

Remember with the right guidance and support, youths can achieve anything they set their minds.


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