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The streets are lighted, decorations on the trees, and the aftermath of the Christmas celebrations. The world is in anticipation, waiting for the New Year!

‘I have to make my bucket list….this year; I will be committed to achieving my goals, claim the majority. As if change comes from the TikTok of the clock! The Euphoria of the New Year begins to wear out as soon as the decorations are removed, then the old habits emerge again. The same conditioned behavior…another year again!

How can you overcome the resistance to change?

The same method of using a mightier force to conquer inertia similar to the point of the rocket launch, overcoming the pull of gravity. To cross the river of change requires moving from the old self to the new self. This involves changing the conditioned behavior of the body, environment, and time.

The Body goes through repeated behavior over the years, becoming conditioned. So the mind desires the change, but the body is in control to repeat the familiar and predictable. It would help if you became the observer to re-align the mind to the body. Every time the body wants to go back to its conditioned pattern, become aware of it and control the body.

The Mind is the most powerful tool, the main engine of the human body. In it lies thoughts. Creating a new reality requires new ideas, new choices, new behavior, new experience, and new feelings. It would help if you had inspiration from what you read and listened to change.

The Environment plays a vital role to change. Being in the same place, the familiar, the predictable creates resistance to change. Human nature likes to flock around its kind. People feel safe with those that share their ideas, values, and beliefs. Walking into those different from you produces new experiences, diversity, and change.

‘The distinction between past, present, and future is a stubbornly persistent illusion. Time is an illusion'. Albert Einstein

We are living in a universe that is governed by Time and Space. Hence you think you can always take steps to achieve your goal another day. Or you feel so overwhelmed by the work associated with your audacious goal and procrastinate. You keep going back and forth until the year wears out.

Time is an illusion. When you are fully involved in creativity, time loses its significance. To change requires refusing to glance back at the past and fully embrace the present moment and the future.

Overcoming the resistance to change requires an entirely new personality. Your personality is determined by how you think, act, and feel. Change is a constant, and we need to embrace it to get the most out of life.


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